360 Giving

04 Jan 2024

At the Harpur Trust we are committed to being open and transparent about the organisations we fund. We therefore publish details of the grants we make in our annual report and publish this here on our numbers page each year.

We also publish our information about our grantmaking on the 360 ̊ Giving website. 360 ̊ Giving supports UK funders to publish data in an open and standardised format. We believe that publishing our data helps other funders, grant applicants and researchers to understand who is funding what in Bedford. It supports learning about our communities and leads to better grantmaking, encouraging a more strategic approach to use of our funds.

You can sort our 360 ̊ Giving data by multiple fields, and we aim to post our data at the end of our financial year in September.

Using the 360Giving Data Standard, our awarded grants between 2022-23 are available as a download here. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, click here. This means the data is freely accessible to anyone to be used and shared as they wish. Please note the data must be attributed to The Harpur Trust.


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