How to pay

Parents are expected to pay school fees by Direct Debit. You will be given a Direct Debit mandate form when you enrol your child at one of our schools.

Current Payment Options

Under our Direct Debit scheme you can choose to pay school fees either termly or in 3 equal monthly instalments per term.  Download our Direct Debit Mandate 

Termly Direct Debit 

At the start of each term we will claim the termly tuition fee, boarding and any extra fees from you.  This will normally be the first day of the term but we will notify you of the payment date in advance.

Monthly instalments

Tuition and boarding fees can be paid in 3 equal monthly instalments per term on pre-determined dates (usually the first working day of the month or the first day of term if later), as follows:

Autumn term - Sept, Oct and Nov

Spring term - Jan, Feb and Mar

Summer term - May, Jun and Jul

Any extra fees charged to your fee account will be spread over the same three collections for each term.