How do I apply for help with school fees?

Your child must be registered with one of our schools before you can apply for help with school fees. We therefore strongly recommend that you and your child visit our school open days to decide which school may be right for your child.

Entrance exams

All children applying for a place at our schools, including those applying for help with school fees, will have to sit an entrance exam. As the admissions process varies slightly at each of our schools we suggest you make sure you are familiar with your chosen school’s procedures so you don’t miss any key dates.

Details of the other aspects of the admissions process, registration deadlines and entrance exam dates for each school are available on the school websites. 

Means Testing

As our fees support is means-tested so families wishing to be considered for help will need to fill in an initial application form (MT1 form), and provide details of their family finances e.g. income, capital assets, benefits etc. This information will be verified and may include a home visit. 

Application forms for help with school fees are available from our schools once your child is registered.  Please ensure you complete the form as accurately as possible as the information you provide will be checked and verified and will be used to assess if you are eligible for support.

Application process

The process for new applications (for the 2014/15 academic year) is as follows:

  • September to December 2013:
    • Register with your chosen school
    • Request and complete the preliminary help with school fees application form (MT1 form)*
    • The MT1 application form must be submitted to our Fees Manager, Zara Beaumont, at the Harpur Trust office by 18th December 2013.
  • January to February 2014:
    • Children take their entrance assessments and interviews (if applicable)
    • Schools and trustees consider all applications for help with school fees
  • February 2014:
    • Families receive letters from their chosen school offering a place for their child and also informing them whether they will/will not receive a provisional offer of help with school fees
  • April 2014:
    • Families who have received provisional offers of help with school fees will be contacted by the Harpur Trust fees team asking them to complete an MT2 form* and supply supporting documentation for their application
  • May 2014 to January 2015:
    • Upon receipt of completed MT2 form families are advised of the amount of their provisional offer of help with school fees together with any further requests for additional documentation
    • Families receive confirmation letters of their actual award between May 2014 and January 2015, dependant upon timing of receipt of supporting documentation
* When submitting your financial details please be as accurate as possible. The information you supply on the MT1 form (Preliminary application form) and MT2 form (Annual assessment form) will be checked and verified and used to assess how much support you may or may not receive.