Our schools

And our work in Education

As a charity, we support, promote and provide education.  We run four excellent independent schools, we sponsor the HEART Academies Trust, and we support local state schools through our programme of grantmaking, through university bursaries, school uniform grants, and by accepting invitations to sit on school governing bodies and trusts.  Watch our short video to get a flavour of our work in education.

Across our four independent schools we collectively educate approximately 3,600 pupils, aged 3 months to 18 years, and the HEART Academies Trust educates a further 2,400.  We also provide £2.5 million a year in means tested bursaries for talented pupils. Our four independent  schools,offer an impressive and broad range of educational opportunities, delivered by dedicated and specialist staff.  The schools each have their own distinct personalities and provision, but they all provide an exciting and stimulating environment where pupils are inspired, challenged and encouraged to be the best they possibly can be.