Sharnbrook Village Hall

For many people living in rural areas of the Borough of Bedford, the facilities offered by a village hall or community centre are an important part of the local community.  Sharnbrook Village Hall is used by a wide range of local groups, from Tiny Tots to the Women’s Institute, Karate classes to the Parish Council as well as private parties.

The Management Committee of Sharnbrook Village Hall applied to The Bedford Charity (The Harpur Trust) in early 2010 for funding to improve the village hall. In particular, they felt that current and potential users of the hall were being put off using it because all of the chairs had to be stored on the small stage. Anybody wanting to use the stage had to move the chairs elsewhere in the hall, wasting valuable space. The obvious solution seemed to be to improve the storage in the building. The committee were successful in raising funds from a number of sources, including a grant of £2,400 from The Bedford Charity. A small extension was added to the rear of the hall where all bulky items such as chairs and tables are now safely stored when not in use.

Regular bookings have increased since the extension was completed and the hall is being used by a wide range of local organisations.