Out of this world. Grant for portable planetarium

One of the more unusual grants we made recently was to local senior school Mark Rutherford, which approached us for funding to purchase a portable planetarium.

Our trustees were impressed by their desire to use this superb piece of equipment, not just for the benefit of its own pupils, but for use by other local schools and community groups.

The school also sees it as being a resource that works across the curriculum, potentially being available for use to project art work (as a portable gallery), displaying 360 degree films of school theatre productions and dance displays among other ideas.All Posts

Thanks to our grant of £16,000 the school has become the first in Europe to have its own pop up planetarium and it is already putting it to good use.  At a recent launch, held on the evening of the super blood moon, guests were treated to a light display as well as hearing from a variety of speakers from Airbus, from the University of Hertfordshire and the Open University, and from our very own Community Programmes Director, before finally seeing the dome inflated and finally watching a planet film from within.