Inspiring Leaders Programme

Here at The Harpur Trust, we are committed to providing our staff with ongoing training and development opportunities, and on Monday 9th October a group of staff from across our schools embarked on our brand new Inspiring Leaders programme, just one of a series of in-house training programmes being developed.

Inspiring Leaders has been designed specifically for those in leadership and management roles within our organisation and covers a range of  both individual and group learning activities led by a mixture of internal and external facilitators.  The programme, which will run annually for cohorts of up to 12 staff, covers practical information aimed at supporting line managers in their role, whilst also enabling them to explore a variety of techniques aimed at enhancing their own leadership skills, and importantly, it requires delegates to identify and set individual objectives and challenges.

It also provides a great forum for staff from across our schools to network and exchange ideas and best practice.

The programme will run on an annual basis and we look forward to following the progress of this first cohort over the coming year.