Fees in advance

If you wish, you may pay your child’s school fees in advance.

Our fees in advance scheme offers a guaranteed credit against school fees payable in the future in return for the receipt of a lump sum deposit. A discount is available for these deposits. The discount is dependent on the length of the deposit and prevailing investment conditions when the deposit is made.  This is available for payments for more than three terms and payment is required to be made one full month before the start of term.

If you have any questions or require a quote for fees in advance, please email zbeaumont@harpurtrust.org.uk

The fees in advance scheme is subject to you accepting the agreement terms and the level of discount available to you will be shown on your quotation.

Payments on Account

For payment of three terms, these will be accepted ‘on account’ and will benefit from a £10 early settlement credit per term.  Payments should be received 10 days before the start of term.

For payments on accounts please email fees@harpurtrust.org.uk and quote the child name, date payment made and school.