We are committed to widening access to our schools and each year we are able to offer some financial support to a number of students who show significant ability but would otherwise be unable to afford the fees. These academic Bursaries are offered through our Harpur Trust Bursary Scheme.

Below please find frequently asked questions regarding The Harpur Trust Bursary Scheme.

What is a Bursary?

A Bursary is an academically competitive means tested award offering financial contribution towards school fees. Every year we are able to offer Bursary funding to a limited number of successful applicants.

Bursaries are available to children in Year 7 and above. Applications are accepted at Bedford School in Years 7, 9 and 12.

How are the applicants academically assessed?

Internal and external applicants sit age appropriate assessment papers during the main assessment period, external candidates will also be invited to attend an interview. Those who have applied for a Bursary, meet the financial criteria and perform in the top of academic assessments are put forward to the School’s awards committee for consideration.

Assessments will be taken in January. Please refer to the school Admissions Guide for dates.

How do I apply?

External candidates are required to firstly register by completing the Registration Form and paying the schools registration fee. On the Registration Form please ensure that you have ticked the appropriate box to indicate that you are interested in applying for a Bursary. Following this a completed Bursary Assessment form would need to be sent to the Harpur Trust office.

Candidates will also need to be available to sit the relevant school’s assessments.

Is there a deadline for Bursary application?

All Bursary applications must be received by the Harpur Trust, before 3rd December 2018 5pm, by post or email. All external candidates must have registered with the school for a place in the following September entry, prior to submitting the Bursary Assessment form.

No late applicants can be considered.

If I fulfil the financial criteria will I automatically receive an award?

Neither the offering of a place, nor meeting the eligibility criteria for financial assistance, mean that an award will necessarily be made. The school’s awards committee, which includes Trustee representation, has limited funds available from which to make awards.

Bursaries are popular and therefore as demand will exceed availability it is not guaranteed that every family who applies and meets the criteria will receive an award.

Is my application confidential?

Yes. All information in a Bursary application is treated in strict confidence both for internal and external candidates.

If I am successful how much am I eligible to receive?

All awards are subject to means-testing of family income and capital, but bursaries of up to 100% of school fees are possible. The principles of a Bursary and more details about the scales used when assessing a family’s means are contained in the Harpur Trust Bursary Assessment form.

It should be noted that the concept of assessable income includes both earned income and notional income based on assets.

When will I find out if I have been awarded a Bursary?

Decisions on Bursaries are made during the spring term, during the main assessment and offer period. All families who apply for a Bursary are notified in writing by mid-February. Please note that the value of any offer is provisional at this stage and based on the financial information you have supplied. The Bursary amount will be finalised once the provided financial information has been confirmed and supporting documentary evidence supplied.

If I am awarded a Bursary do I have to re-apply each year?

No. However a Bursary Assessment form will be required annually and the amount of the Bursary will be reviewed by the Harpur Trust. The Bursary may be adjusted, increased or reduced, if your financial circumstances alter.

Every Bursary is a discretionary privilege, subject to high standards of attendance, diligence and behaviour on the pupil’s part.

How long does the Bursary award last?

Bursaries are made either to the end of Year 11 or for the duration of your child’s time at the school, this will be outlined in the award letter.

Are extras included in the Bursaries?

There is no financial support available for transport or the cost of most trips.

Depending on the level of the Bursary award, school lunches and uniforms may be subsidised. For further information on this please contact the school.

If I am applying to multiple Harpur Trust schools or have multiple children will I need to complete more than one form?

No. You need only to complete one form listing all applicable children and ensuring that you have marked against each school that you would like them to be considered for.

If you would like to speak to someone about our bursaries please contact:

Debbie Tooth

Phone 01234 369528 or email dtooth@harpurtrust.org.uk