Reports and publications

For copies of the reports and publications associated with projects we have funded please see below:

Kings Arms Project – Onward Floating Support Peer Review

This is an independent peer review of Onward Floating Support, which is part of the King’s Arms Project, Bedford. Onward Floating Support has been running for 4 years and has a track record of dealing with the most difficult-to-reach homeless people in Bedford.

Young Foundation – Helping or Hindering, Meeting Young People’s Needs in Bedford

This research was commissioned by The Harpur Trust as part of the Young Foundation’s Mapping Unmet and Emerging Needs programme of work. The Unmet Needs programme brought together a coalition of more than a dozen independent foundations and funding bodies to develop new insights into how social needs in Britain can be prioritised and met.

The Reluctant Writer in the Primary Classroom

This three year research project was carried out by a group of 10 Bedfordshire lower schools. It examined the effectiveness of mind mapping as a tool for developing writing skills, particularly in those assessed as reluctant writers.  The project was evaluated by Paul Gardner of the University of Bedfordshire, who identified particular types of writing helped by mind mapping and produced a checklist which enables teachers to identify reluctant writers with greater objectivity. Interestingly, he discovered that perfectionism, including a fear of making spelling mistakes, was the sole block for 31% of students in the research.

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