Why do we need monitoring reports?

The most important reason is for our Trustees to assess if we are meeting our own objectives as a funder. The reports also allow us to discover whether our funding is making a difference locally. However, we also want to:

  • Learn from funded projects’ experience
  • Use the lessons learned when designing and developing new grants programmes
  • Gain statistical and other information about the local community and grants beneficiaries

On a more practical level, we also use monitoring information to establish if a project has done what it said it would do in the application, and spent its grant in line with the original budget and application.

What forms do we ask you to fill in?

Successful applicants will fill in an end of project monitoring form once they have completed their project.

You can download a blank copy of the form here, but successful applicants should note that you will need to fill in the project details and agreed outcomes stated on the form sent to you with your grant offer letter.  Make sure you check your offer letter before completing the form, as we may have asked you to include specific information in your reports.  Depending upon the type and length of your project, you may also be asked to fill in a number of shorter progress report forms over the life of your project, which update the Trustees and often prompt payment of instalments of an award.

If you have had an award through our 450th Anniversary Grants Programme, you can download the 450th Anniversary Grants Programme monitoring form here.