Bedford School

Boarding and Day for boys aged 7-18 years

Bedford School offers an ambitious education to boys aged 7-18 in a vibrant and stimulating environment that fosters the school's values of integrity, responsibility, endeavour, and curiosity.

With outstanding results at GCSE, A-Level and in the International Baccalaureate, gold standard careers and UCAS provision, and excellent university results – 78% of leavers went on to Russell Group universities including Oxford and Cambridge in 2017 – we offer boys bright futures.

Through a vast array of activity we help every boy to find a lifelong passion; to look beyond what they feel is possible, both academically and outside the classroom; to grow and develop in an atmosphere of friendship, collegiality and mutual respect, whilst retaining the love of competitiveness which comes so naturally to boys; and to engage with the wider world, in preparation for their adult lives. All of these aspects help every boy to gain a genuine sense of self-belief which provides the strongest possible foundations for a happy and successful future.

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