Our Vision

Our Strategic Plan provides us with an important focus and information to help us make decisions about the Trust’s future activities.

The Strategic Plan 2016-2020 includes our Vision, Mission and Values and the strategic activities that we will be involved in for the next five years and can be downloaded here.

So what is our Vision?

Our vision is of Bedford as a place where everyone has pride in their community and is inspired and supported in realising their potential.

Our Mission is to inspire and support people by:

 Providing Education

Promoting the highest quality, well-rounded education, through excellence in our own schools; promoting wider excellence in education through grant funding; supporting the Bedford Academy and other maintained schools; and maximising access to our schools for the economically disadvantaged.

Creating Opportunity

Providing individual support and developing access to learning programmes in all communities in Bedford, through grant funding and in partnership with other organisations.

Breaking down Barriers

Providing support via grant funds to organisations and individuals where needed, involving people in local initiatives, reducing barriers caused by disadvantage and increasing the community’s access to recreation.

In all of these we aim to extend programmes and develop initiatives and activities which will be inspirational and set examples and models for successful social policy in other areas.